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Buy with confidence knowing that you are getting the best price for your purchase.  Do your homework and search the internet for the best price.  If you find any retailer selling any product that we sell at a lower price than us, we will give you an additional 5% off the other retailer’s price.  Please see the terms and conditions under the heading, Lowest Price Guarantee, in the footer of



Tamahagane is our newest and most exciting knife brand.  Sointu USA is the exclusive distributor of Tamahagane knives for the United States.  The Tamahagane Pro has a solid high carbon molyebdenum/vanadium stainless steel blade.  The Tamahagane SAN, SAN Tsubame and SAN Kyoto all have clad stainless steel blades with a VG-5 core.

For a limited time, we have a special offer to encourage you to upgrade your kitchen knives to Tamahagane.  The 8 Inch Chef Knives in the Pro, SAN and SAN Tsubame ranges are all specially priced at up to 36% off.  In addition, if you purchase $100 or more of Tamahagne knives, you will receive a $20 gift coupon toward the purchase your next Tamahagane knife.  If you schedule your purchases wisely, you could get a $20 coupon toward each Tamahagane knife that you purchase.


It has always been our policy to include free shipping with a purchase of an Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife.  With the new price of $81.95 on the 8 inch Global G-2, it only follows that we now are offering free shipping for any purchase of $80 or more for any one or more items at Sointu USA.

We have only a handful of products less than $80, so to reach this threshold is fairly easy.  If you find yourself below $80, try adding one of our popular MinoSharp sharpening tools to your shopping cart or consider buying a gift for a friend or loved one.  If you have ever cooked at a friend’s house, chances are they could use a good knife.