Monthly Archives: November 2013


This holiday season we are offering a 6″ Tamahagane SAN Tsubame Chef’s knife at a TRY ME price of only $65.  This is 60% off the MSRP price and 50% off our every day low price.  This is a tremendous opportunity to try out this brand without breaking the bank.  Not only do you get a great knife, but a 6″ Chef’s knife is far more versatile than the typical 3.5″ Paring knife  that you normally see with TRY ME offers.

This knife is 3-ply VG-5 stainless steel.  The two outside layers are a hammered matte finish and the VG-5 core is mirror polished.  The hammering helps prevent food from sticking to the blade and gives the knife a stunning appearance.  The knife comes with a black micarta handle which is practical, indestructible and maintenance free.

If you are looking for new knives, this is a great knife with which to start your collection.  Do not pass this offer by.  Act now.