After more than 25 years of selling Global knives, we have assembled the ultimate Global knife set.  We have individually selected each of the eleven knives that comprise this set.  We call it the SUPER set. It is great for both professionals and for those who aspire to be professionals.

This set includes everything you need for preparing the largest cuts of meat to the smallest fish.  It is great for slicing, dicing and chopping herbs, fruits and vegetables.

This is the only Global set in which there are both standard and heavyweight Global knives.  The heavyweight GF-33 8.25 Inch Chef’s Knife can be used for cutting large cuts of meat and whole fish while the G-48 7 Inch Santoku can be used for smaller cuts of meat and fish. The heavyweight GF-31 can be used for boning everything form a whole pig to a chicken.  You can put away your heavy European knives.  This set has it all.

This set contains the following Global Items:

– G-38/B Global 9.5 Inch Diamond Honing Rod

– G-9 Global 8.75 Inch Bread Knife

– G-3 Global 8.25 Inch Carving Knife

– GF-33 Global 8.25 Inch Heavyweight Chef’s Knife

– G-48 Global 7 Inch Santoku Knife w/Granton Edge

– GF-31 Global 6.25 Inch Heavyweight Boning Knife

– GS-14 Global 6 Inch Serrated Utility Knife

– GS-5 Global 5.5 Inch Vegetable Knife

– GSF-49 Global 4.5 Inch Utility Knife

– GS-38 Global 3.5 Inch Paring Knife

– GSF-46 Global 3 Inch Paring Knife

This set is a $1473 value sold exclusively at Sointu USA for $799.95.


  1. Tom green

    Global are the best knives I have ever used. The great buy on your set is a terrific investment that will be passed down in your family. I should know my father and grandfather were butchers at the old a and p grocery stores.
    Tom green


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